Events List on Sunday, 16th December 2018

This is a list of forthcoming events, as far as we know them, based on information provided by the various organizations on Ikaria. Annual events, such as panigyria will only appear on the list 30 days before the date.
Be aware that Panigyria are expected on particular dates but local events may cause them to be cancelled out of respect. Keep a lookout for local notices and ask around for confirmation.
When:Mid morning after church Sunday, 6th January 2019
Event:Ta Fota
Venue:Evdilos,Ayios Kirikos and maybe other seaside villages.
Details:This is a ceremony held on the sea-shore to bless the sea.

After a church service the priest comes down to the sea-shore and throws a cross (tethered to a cord) into the sea three times. On the third time, the cord is removed and all who will dive into the sea to recover the cross. There are benefits for the person who does that. It is also the name day of Fotis, Fotini and other similar names.

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