Events List on Tuesday, 23rd April 2019

This is a list of forthcoming events, as far as we know them, based on information provided by the various organizations on Ikaria. Annual events, such as panigyria will only appear on the list 30 days before the date.
Be aware that Panigyria are expected on particular dates but local events may cause them to be cancelled out of respect. Keep a lookout for local notices and ask around for confirmation.
When:Evening Friday, 26th April 2019
Event:Good Friday
Details:This evening most Churches will enact a representation of the burial of Christ by carrying the Epitafios, decorated with flowers, around the village or, in some places, just around the church.
When: Sunday, 28th April 2019
Event:Easter Sunday
Details:Easter week: Fasting and preparation
Good Friday: Epitafios
Easter Saturday: Midnight services - 'Christos Anesti' and fireworks
Easter Sunday - Family gather to feast
When: Monday, 29th April 2019
Event:Saints Day: St. George
Details:Usually 23rd April, unless that is within Lent when St, George is celebrated on the Monday after Easter Sunday.
When: Wednesday, 1st May 2019
Event:May Day Holiday
Details:National Holiday. Shops and offices will be closed but restaurants and bars will still be open.
When:Evening Sunday, 5th May 2019
Event:Panigyri: Kambos
Venue:Village Hall, Kambos
Details:The Saint's Day of Ayia Irini
Food and drink will be available, charges made for that go to funds for local improvements.
When: Tuesday, 14th May 2019
Event:Panigyri: Monastiri
Details:Saint's Day: Ayios Isidoros
Cost:Charge is made for food and drink
Food and drink will be available, charges made for that go to funds for local improvements.
When: Tuesday, 21st May 2019 - All day
Event:Panigyria: Ayios Konstantino and Avlaki
Details:Saints Day: Ayios Konstantino and Ayia Eleni
Cost:Charge is made for food and drink
Profits from the panigyri will be used for local improvements.
When: Sunday, 16th June 2019
Event:Panigyria: Kastanies and villages with Agia Triada
Details:This is the Festival of the Holy Trinity
This is a moveable Feast in Greece - 49 days after Easter Sunday.

Panigyria can be expected at Kastanies and other villages with a church dedicated to Agia Triada

Cost:Charge will be made for food and drink
As with all panigyria, all profits from the event are used for local improvements
When:Registration on Friday, 23rd August 2019 - then until 31st
Event:Ikaria Dance Project
Venue:Armenistis, based on the Cavos Bay Hotel.
Details:An Eight Day Dance workshop with multinational participants. In the evenings there are group meals and visits to Panigiria, to put learning into practice, and one day off for sight-seeing. Organized by Christiana Katsarou.
If you are interested in learning Greek Dances this is certainly one to be recommended.
Cost:See website

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