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Ikaros arriving at Evdilos 1987

Samainia and Milena in the harbour in Ayios Kirikos 1992



Therma increasing in size

Is this in Christos Raches?

Boats off Ayios Kirikos; Fourni in the background

A family. If anybody can identify them please let us know!

Old Therma

Evdilos 1930's (?)

Old Ayios Kirikos

Ayios Kirikos before there was a harbour

Ayios Kirikos from above

The beach at Ayios Kirikos

Therma in the 30's (?)

At a Panigiri at Kouzino Panagias 1956

Agios Kirikios in 1984

The Drakanon Tower in 1955

Agios Kirikios in 1935

Agios Kirikios in 1980

Agios Kirikios in 1972

Ayios Kirikos - Sun and Sand

Samainia (?) at Evdilos1993. The concrete lumps were part of an abandoned new port.

Boats at Ayios Kirkos 1980

Ikaros arriving at Karkinagri 1980's

Ikaros at Karkinagri 1980's

Ikaros leaving Karkinagri 1980's

Ikaros arriving at Karkinagri 1986

Ikaros at Ayios Kirkos 1990

Samainia at Ayios Kirkos 1980's

Samainia at Ayios Kirkos 1980's

Samainia at Ayios Kirkos 1980's with Balloon!

Agios Kirikios in 1962

An advertisement for Ikarian raisins

Therma in the 1950's

Evdilos 1956-57

Starting a boat journey. Ayios Kirikos 1958

Agios Kirikos in 1956

A photograph of Evdilos taken from the eastern side of the harbour.

A picture we think is of somewhere in Raches. If you know any better please let us know.

Old photograph of Therma, which must have been taken from a boat.

Old view of Armenistis.

Photograph of Evdilos taken from the hill above the western side of the harbour.

Old photograph of Ayios Kyrikos.

Photograph of the ship Ayios Haralambos being built at Evidlos. Photograph dated 1925.

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