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Walking on Ikaria

The items on this page link to records of walks made by Gordon Gilmore over the last few years.
Walking on Ikaria
For walkers and ramblers Ikaria has much to offer: hills, woodland, gully and gorges, picturesque villages and a warm response from local people you might encounter.

Until, perhaps, 2010 the maps of Ikaria were, at best, an impression of reality. If you intend to travel round Ikaria and especially if you intend to walk, uou will need a proper map. There are now three.

Terrain Map, #332, 1:35,000
This was the first reliable map of Ikaria to appear on the island. It is excellent, comparable to UK OS Maps. On the back of the map a number of standard walks are described and plotted on the map itself. The map is printed on waterproof, tearproof paper. What more could you want?
Nakas Cartography, #209, 1:35,000
This more recentl appearance is described as a Hiking Map. It does indeed have all the major long distance walks marked. However, not all the tracks on the Terrain map are on this one, but it does have some that are not on the Terrain Map. Unfortunately, it does appear to have one or two errors on it, which worries me. Maybe you should have both, but if you intend to have only one, I would personally prefer the Terrain map.
Orama, #333,1:40,000
This is simply described as a Tourist Map and, at least on brief examination, does not seem to have hiking information, but for general use and driving should be fine.
A walk to the Menhir It is very likely that on your way to or from Ikaria's airport you will have seen a sign indication the direction to th Menhir. This is an account of a guided walk to it.
The 'Walk to the Menhir' is just part of what is now being referred to as the Transikarian Trail. At present this encompasses the walk from Drakanon, past the Menhirs, to Katafigi and Mavrato and on up to Kapsalino.
The link here takes you to a Google account of the trail. In May 2018 there will be a group of volunteers marking the paths, which is as well because at this moment (in January 2018) the lack of signs makes the walk very difficult to find from the Xylino end. If you have an interest in being involved in that there is an opportunity to express interest on our Facebook page.

Be aware that the Google path by-passing the village does not appear to be usable.

Agios Dimitrios Round Trip
An account of a 2.5 hr (4.2km) walk from Agios Dimitrios down into the Harakas Gorge and back again.
Akamatra to Droutsoulas
This is a walk from Akamatra to Alama, past the Alama cave and down into the valley, up to the old village of Kseredon, towards Droutsoulas. From there the walk continues down the Old Droutsoulas track to Kerame. The track passes three watermills.
This track is currently (late 2015) being restored and improved. Reasonably sturdy footwear is recommended.
Ayia Triada and a Watermill
This is a pleasant walk through woodland past one of the many Ikarian watermills to the small church of Agia Triada. The return is along the road.
Flooded valley and Hidden Church
The old village of Finekas, to the east of Evdilos. An account of a stroll into a little explored and rather delightful valley. Only an hour or so there and back suitable for an evening stroll.
Karavostamos-Arethusa Walk
This is a 3.5km, less than 2h, 230m ascent, very pleasant walk up a wooded valley from the edge of Karavostamos to near Arethusa.Continuation to Arethusa is easy but not covered in the guide.
Walk from Droutsoulas
An account of a two hour walk down from the mountain village of Droutsoulas to Kerame, just outside Evdilos. Downhill all the way in this acccount.
Ridge Walk East
This is an account of six hour walk along the island ridge via the OTE antennae and Kapsalino down to Karavostamos.
Exploring the Priest's Watermill
This is an account of a walk near to Xylosyrtis with the object of finding and exploring an old Ikarian watermill hidden in the valley.
Acent of Tsolias
An account of a walk along the Atheras ridge to the top of Tsolias, the highest mountain on the north side of the island and the second highest on the whole island by a measly 19 metres.

In the linked report above the GPS coordinates at particular points on the walk are quoted. They were recorded on a Garmin GPS eTrex navigator. It should be remembered that all GPS measurements are subject to uncertainty depending upon the number of satellites consulted. Where possible, our coordinates were checked against Google Earth. Within the reports, the GPS tracks have been projected onto portions of the Terrain Map of Ikaria (2010 edition). The copyright of that map is held by Terrain Maps of Greece.

The information in those linked documents above is given in good faith. Neither Gordon Gilmore nor Ikaria-pnp can accept responsibilty for any loss or injury of any kind incurred while attempting to follow those walks. If you are not familiar with walking don't attempt high level walking without proper equipment or without experienced guidance. Never go walking without carrying water and preferably a map.

There is no mountain rescue service on Ikaria!

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