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Happy Name Day to Christoforos (Chris)
The aim of Ikaria - Past and Present is to share with you the wonders of Ikaria - our beautifully green island in the North Aegean Sea. We will tell you stories from the past and show the island, and its people, as it is today.

Part of the Naeras Project - the Upper pond.

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We would be delighted to hear from you with your ideas or comments about the site. If you have any of your own stories, experiences or photographs of life on Ikaria that you would like to share with us please do get in touch.

Panigyria Regardless of what our Events list says, it is likely that there will be NO panigyria allowed in Greece in 2020.

Coronavirus Crisis Greece is bringing in measures to allow relaxation of lock-down. Bars and restaurants are open subject to social distancing. International flights to Athens started on 15th June and to Thessaloniki airports on 1st July, but only from countries where coronavirus is deemed to be in control. That now includes the UK, where an air corridor has been agreed. There will be COVID-19 spot checks of entrants from those countries. Anyone tested will be expected to self-isolate at their destination until they receive the results of their test - only a day or two. New cases of COVID-19 in Greece are often linked to entrants by land. Because of that the land border with Serbia has been closed.

Note that any entrant to Greece by air is required to complete a PLF - Passenger Location Form - at least 24 hours before travelling. Failure to do that attracts a 500 euro fine!

What is happening in Greece? A good way to keep in touch with what is happening in Greece is to follow one or more of the following English language Greek Facebook entities:

Of course there are many Greek language Facebook entities as well.

The First Ikarian Genealogy Convention Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on planning this convention. The organisers are keep an eye on the situation and intend to make a statement on the 15th April about the fate of it. Full details about the event are here: Genealogy and via the HotLinks item.

The Ikaria DNA Project As part of the Ikarian Genealogy Convention, the DNA project was conceived to evaluate and map the ethnicity of the average Ikarian. With the support of My Heritage, who are closely involved with genealogy in Greece, the aim is to involve as many Ikarians as possible. To find out how to become involved contact Topsy via the Contact Us.

Upload your Favourite Photo of Ikaria! We are working on an upload facility to allow anyone to upload photos to the Upload Gallery. We do not have a mobile phone app but it will be possible to upload via your mobile browser. Let us see your favourite impressions of Ikaria. The upload page is at or via the Hot Links item.

Ikaria Webcam We have installed a webcam at the rear of our home. This takes a photo every ten minutes during daylight hours visible on the website. Wherever you are, you can check up on the Ikarian weather.There is also a carousel display of the images of the day to give a time-lapse impresssion of the day.
If we are to keep the website up to date, we need people to let us know what is going on on the island. There are two ways you can help. If you know of an Event due to take place you can tell us about it using the Post Event page. If you know of anything you feel ought to be in the Directory you can use the Add to Directory page.

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