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Naeras On the 5th June 2019 the Naeras Hybrid Pumped Storage Power Station, near to Kato Proespera, went online. This uses wind power to raise water to a level where a hydroelectric plant can use it to generate electricity - when it is needed. It is expected to be able to provide almost 30% of Ikaria’s energy needs.

This is one of only two such projects worldwide.

Friends of Ikaria
Friends of lkaria intends to bring together lkarians living on the island and abroad as well as non-Ikarians who like the island and have established a personal link with it, wherever they may live.

The President of Friends of Ikaria is Birgit Urban. She works in Brussels, within the EU, promoting the interests of her 'County' in Germany.

She, her Management team and friends, all volunteers, have already fulfilled many projects of value to Ikaria and intend to continue to do so.

The Friends of Ikara brochure is attached at the link.

Name Days
In Greece, almost everyone is named after a Saint. Because of that people tend to pay more attention to the day on which the life of 'their' Saint is celebrated - their Name Day - rather than their Birthday. So, all Giannis will celebrate on January 7th and all Helens on May 21st. Many people will hold an open house on their Name Day. So, on the 7th January it is possible to go from one Gianni's house to another to wish them Chronia Polla - Many Happy Returns.

Use the form on the right to find Name Days. The link will go to a complete list

Find a Name Day

Travel to and from Ikaria
This page links to more information about the airlines and ferry companies that communicate with Ikaria together with links to the relevant websites. Definitive information is difficult to collate because schedules and routes change from year to year and season to season. Our page does it's best to help you find the options.
Ikarian Oral History Group
Oral History is the recollections of ordinary people recorded and preseved. It is now recognized internationally as being just as important as official historical records.
If you are interested in this project, maybe even want to be involved, there is more information on the link or you could contact Topsy Douris via the ContactUs form who would be glad to discuss the project with you.
Notes on visiting Ikaria
These notes were inpired by having to explain to our visitors to the island what to expect when they first came. To a large extent is simply explains the relaxed Ikarian way of life.
List of Ikarian Panigiria
This is a list of the Festivals that the Ikarian villages all hold known locally as a Panigiri. They are held at different times through out the year associated with Saints Days. Food and Drink is sold and live music is playing till the early hours of the morning and everyone gets up to dance. The profit from such an event goes towards improvements to the village where it was held.
Interactive Map of Ikaria
Hover over the stars for quick info, click on the star for a picture and fuller information.
Walking on Ikaria
For walkers and ramblers Ikaria has much to offer: hills, woodland, gully and gorges, picturesque villages and a warm response from local people you might encounter.
Until the 1960's there were few roads on Ikaria. Travel between villages was by boat or by pathways. Those pathways, which were well made, and in some cases paved, are still there and are gradually being cleared and made walkable again.

This item links to a series of walks documented by Gordon Gilmore over the last few years on Ikaria.

The Ikarian Watermill There are many Watermills scattered within the Ikarian valleys, sometimes more than one per valley. Being ao very different in mechanism that English (and possibly other European) watermills, I find them fascinating.

A bonus is that, being hidden in valleys, finding them can provide some very interesting walking.

Ikarianna - A journey beyond the sun and sea

Ikarianna provides guidance for individuals and small groups in experiencing Ikarian life. (See right) Of particular interest is their introduction to the mysteries and benefits of bee-keeping.

The link is to the Ikarianna brochure. There are more details at www.ikarianna.gr

  • Monasteries and churches
  • Countryside traditions
  • Cooking
  • Flora and herbology
  • Architecture: houses, windmills
  • Bee-keeping
It's all Greek to me !!
It doesn't have to be. Learning Greek on Ikaria is easy. There has been a summer school in the village of Arethusa on the north side of the island for many years now. Michali who runs the school combines the learning of Greek with Ikarian culture and visit to places of interest on the island.
Information and Links to Books and other sources of information about, mainly Ikaria, but also about Greece and Greek history.
Learning to Dance like a Greek!
For anyone wanting to learn all about Greek dancing, thereby be able to join in the dancing at the Panagiria, this is a link to the best Tradition Dance Seminars. Christiana has been teaching Greek Dance on Ikaria and at other places around Europe for many years with enormous sucess.
If you have any information or stories that you feel would be appropriate on this page please do get in touch with us.

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